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too many times have i seen vacant holes with anywhere from 3-5 of these guys just left to waste. for anyone that just throws these guys on the ice to help "preserve" their panfishing or bass fishing with no intent to at least use your limit for a nice meal keep in mind that a lot of people highly enjoy fishing for them and would not want to see their populations start to decline bc some assholes dont think they belong in their panfish waters and like to waste fish. keep your no more than your limit, dont waste, and try to let the big girls go back...theyre crucial for spawning and maintaining trophy populations.

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Little do these mental midgets know, the pike keep their panfish populations in check. If all the pike were gone, all they would be left with are dink panfish. If you see this practice, call the DEC TIP line or even better the local CO direct. Their phone numbers are listed on the website. I'm all for keeping a pike for a meal once and a while but killing them and leaving them in no good for the species and the sport.

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