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braided line knots

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Out of habit and because I've been using the clinch knot since I was 5 it's what I most often use. Actually it might be the "improved" clinch knot, I pass the tag end through the eye twice instead of once to give a double loop at the eye before wrapping the tag around teh main line and completing the knot.

Somebody showed me this one about 15 years ago-


It does seem to ward of the fraying a bit longer. This one was recommended for lead core and does seem to lessen those mysterious break offs. Hope this helps.

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Trilene knot here. I mushroom the end of the 80lb or 100lb braid w/ a lighter and use a drop of super glue and have yet to have a failure. I always have some super glue in the boat just in case I get cut up. "Emergency stitches" that have saved my butt more than once. I highly recommend having access to some when out fishing. I have had 2 swivels come apart on the cast, I am going to use the Aussie swivels this year like Larry uses just so that doesn't happen again. Oh, they were supposed to be like 300lb welded swivels that broke on my 2x last year costing me 2 baits. Lost $50 in baits b/c of a $1.50 swivel breaking and lures that didn't float. Just my $.02. Bty, I have never had any issues w/ a palomar knot but use the improved clinch b/c I have been tying it for 15 years. I use that improved clinch for everything from 8x tippet trout fishing to 100lb braid. Oh- before I spend the $$, I was thrilled w/ the Suffix braid last year and think it's better than power pro but have been looking at the new lines w/ GORE fibers in them. Anyone have anything bad to say about them. They are brand spanking new and have my interest.

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zach, I looked hard at the new gore composites when respooling this winter but something i read in researching it made me go back to the spiderwire...cant remember what it was, either the lack of smoothness in the braid or something that made me equate it with the poorer aspects of fireline (hate that stuff)

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