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Been having a ball on the river

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I spent another four days last week fishing our local stretch of the Susquehanna. I've got almost fifty years of experience fishing it.. and until a few days ago.. would have bet money that there are no Largemouth Bass in there. The other day I caught two on consecutive drifts! The first was the largest I've ever caught and the second was slightly larger! 22 and 23 inchers! All I can figure is that they got washed in from a neighboring pond during the summer flood. Anyway.. the walleye bite is still hot and those annoying muskys are still hitting as well. I've got next week off so I'll do my Christmas shopping (takes about an hour) and maybe a little fishing. Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)

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LS... So what did you see down there? I've got one on the big boat that we've hooked up to the downriggers. Kind of fun.. but the novelty wore off pretty quick and it just sits on the shelf now. I'm stuck at work right now..but the boat's with me and I hope to be out there by 2! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)

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