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Lund Sport Angler


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I took delivery of mine (1800 Sport Angler), last August. I couldn't imagine owning a different boat. I have wanted a Lund for years, but mainly being a troller, I couldn't plunk my money down on one because of all of the real estate taken up by the 'bench' in the rear (the board in the rear that crosses the boat for a seat). When I saw the Sport Angler, I signed on the dotted line, and wrote the dealer a check. The room in this boat is incredible. I'm fine with it not having lockable rod storage. I'll trade that for fishing space any day of the week. It does have rod storage in the gunnels, but I don't use it. The vinyl flooring is a godsend. I have a 135 Optimax on mine. I can hit 52 mph GPS with a full tank (41 gallons) with just me and a PFD in the boat. Add a fishing buddy and all of our gear, and I can hit 45-47 mph. Add a third buddy, and she'll go 43 mph. I also added a Merc Pro Kicker at time of purchase. It offers a very dry ride, and is extremely stable in rough seas. I've been caught in 5-7 footers, and was at ease heading back to port.

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Borax thanks for the response. I was begininng to think no one had any experience with the sport angler. Glad to hear you are so happy with the boat. I am currently considering getting one, mainly for Lake Ontario/Erie and the Niagara River. How has the Optimax been treating you?

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I love the Opti-Pro Kicker combo. The Opti does extremely well on gas. I can go 4-6 trips on Erie without filling it up, compared to the one or two trips I was getting with my I/O. It fires up in a split second with a turn of the key every time. It gets on plane immediately.

The nice thing about the Sport Angler is that it has two fuel outlets in the splashwell, so you can hook a kicker up to one of them without installing a 'T' fitting. The boat is also equipped with a 'reserve' of about five gallons. It also has a roomy dashboard with plenty of room for electronics.

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Thought I would post these here, I love Lund Boats and have always wanted one minus the cost.

This is a new boat to me anyways. I picked this up at the end of last season, stored her over the winter and finally got her done. There was alot of electrical work to do as you may remember me posting about awhile back. With alot of hours put in and alot of help from Gambler the Barron is back on the water and catchin fish.

It is a 1987 Lund Barron 2100V with a 120 hp johnson and a 9.9 4stroke kicker. I have rigged it up pretty well so far but As do most boat owners I still want to do a few things to it. It has alot of back end room for a 21 ft boat and handles the water awesome. Heres a few shots of her from a buddys boat.





The fighting spot down the shoot, so much more room than my Tracker 8)

I want to replace the carpet in the back half of the boat and install marine vinyl so I can easily wash down the floor. Gotta love the smell it takes on after a few fish in the boat.

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