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All good info Appreciated!!!

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Hey just getting into the bigger trout fishing in the area my family's bigger on hunting then fishing except for me no place id rather be but the problem for me is when I was younger for my dad to take me out trout fishing wed go get the tiny NYS stocked guys outa the local stream...now I'm 26 and love to get into these nice bigger fish or any fish for that matter but I have very limited knowledge of locations and techniques...I've made due with what/where I know to go but just thought some1 may feel nice to put me onto a few nice streams or holes...I'm not asking for your honey hole here I got 2 feet I can get out and find my own holes and areas I just honestly don't even know the names of alot of these streams/creeks and would love any help anyone has to offer it would not go unappreciated I can promise you that!....Also I know the deal I have 1 solid fishing partner and thats really it so do not be worried about me bringing the troops most of the time I just go solo anyways also I'd say I put 99/100 fish back so don't worry about me taking home your fish!!!...Again thanks for any help anyone has to offer just PM me anything ya got!!!

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