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Cayuga 4-14


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Trolled N and S of Taughannock yesterdayafternoon, along the west shore. One for five on Landlock's, the one we did land had a 6" lamprey on it's side, first one this spring we've seen.

I googled Lamprey... whoa,,, those things look pretty nasty!!

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did poorly trolling off Tunk yesterday...

saw a lot of fish at 140 FOW

and lots near the stream...

no bites... stick baits

2nd time out in 'new boat'... got skunked....

Don't know if anyone told you yet, but you're not supposed to use that "S" word around here! :lol:

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They certainly are. Lucky I don't see too many on cayuga. I'm told they were really bad at one point. The Brown we caught yesterday did have a Lamprey mark on it.

I remember as a kid in the late 70's fishing the lake and the Lampreys were so bad they would attach to the back of our boat. We would keep a rod rigged with a big treble to snatch them up and they went back in minus their head.

Back then a 30 inch fish would weigh around 3 pounds.

Are they still treating the streams?

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88, the reason you don't see any adult (spawners) lampreys killed by the lampricide is because they all die after spawning anyway. The treatments are in later in summer after the spawning run. The lampricide is designed to kill the young lampreys which live in the stream mud for years before going to the lake to do their damage.

I was told that DEC tried to dip up thousands of dead and dying lampreys after the last treatment in the canal to prevent other wildlife from eating them, but you can probably appreciate how hard that would be to do before the gulls got any of them. And you are right, its not good for the gulls to eat them.

It will be interesting to see if the lamprey barrier installed last fall on Catherine Creek blocks the lamprey spawning run this year.

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There seems to be less and less lamphrey as time goes on...=6-8 years ago it seems like every LL had one attached or at least a mark....Worst place I ever saw them is Lake Chanplain....They are HUGE and on most fish you catch :(

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