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  1. Fair Haven Just wondering if the Fair Haven State Park launch is open.
  2. My son and I are trying to plan a much needed fishing trip. Just wondering if the launch at Fair Haven is open. We always stay down at the Fair Haven Motel
  3. We are coming up tomorrow and Friday for first time this year. Marine forecast shows west wind. Hoping you're right!
  4. We are coming to Fair Haven early Thursday morning and spending a couple days. Hoping the weather God smiles on us! First time on the big pond this year
  5. Incredible fish! CONGRATS! Also, a big pat on the back for the release.
  6. One of our grandsons got a 28 incher just north of Deans Cove 2 weeks ago. Big male. jumped about 5 times . That's a pretty fish you got there. Thanks for the release We need to get the rainbow population back where I used to be
  7. So sorry to hear about your loss. Your original post on this thread could have been written by me about my son and the way he is and how he is also my best friend and fishing buddy.
  8. Brrrrrrrrrrr. looks cold...Nice Brown...Looks like the lamprey got hold of him
  9. My Son with a nice one he caught last summer... Just getting around to going through our pics
  10. I have a summer place near Cayuga and used to fish it exclusively...Because of Lamprey and zebra mussel, I've changed and trailer to either Owasco or Ontario. Owasco is VERY clean and there is a chance of landing a nice Rainbow, however, they are few and far between since the introduction of Walleye..Seems that Walleye's favorite food is baby Rainbows. Wind isn't a big problem on Cayuga unless it's blowing hard straight out of the north or south. I'll admit Ontario had some bad days with wind last summer.. We were blown off twice and both times the waves were 6-8 feet. But when we did fish.. it was fantastic.
  11. I have a summer place two miles from Cayuga and have fished it almost exclusively for years except for an occasional trip to Owasco. The size and quantity of Lakers in Cayuga has gone steadily down over the last 4..5 years. Used to once in a while get a 15 lbr. .. Now a 8 or 9 lbr. is about the biggest. However, most of the eels I've seen are on LL Salmon.
  12. Beautiful King.. Nice report, Thanks for sharing.
  13. Went to Dean's Cove Wednesday about 3:30.. Motored up the west side to just south of Burroughs Point.. Fished south between 100 and 130 ft. Caught several Lakers.. downriggers set at 95 and 85 Blue and silver Mooselook thinfish and black and white stinger with Pearl stripe were best lures..Caught biggest one on a 38 Sutton. Kept two small ones for a lady who works at camp..
  14. Wonderful...More " stuff " to try..I can't wait
  15. Thanks Ahab....Just down the street from Gene Moores
  16. You're right about hand painting Guppy... I buy used lures at Bears ( 3 for $5.00 ) or Screwy Louie's ( 5 for $ 5.00 )...take off the old paint and stickers and paint with fingernail polish..( with a good hardener )...I probably have 35 bottles with different shades of blue green yellow orange and red...also black..I catch a lot of flack from my son ( and funny looks from sales ladies in the cosmetic section )..but they are proven fish catchers
  17. We have 4 downriggers on the boat and my son swears by them...How ever..I'm old school and have a couple of lead core rods on the boat....I also buy my line at Cabelas in 200 yard spools..In Cayuga I use 18 lb. leadcore and tie on ( albright knot ) about 10 yards of flourocarbon 15 lb... Get youself a rod with rollers on the tip and first eye off the reel...It will cut down on the wear of the lead core...This setup is deadly ...especially with " flutter " lures like Suttons....Early in the morning when those big lakers come shallow to feed...Cut your speed to 1.5 or less and let your lure bang the bottom...You can feel it touching...but when a big laker hits...You will know it...Of course like other guys are saying...this type of fishing will definitely keep your arms in shape and get your heart pumping...At 1.5 ..1.8 you will get about 1 to 7--7.5 on depth..490 feet out gets you 70..75 feet down... If you don't have a counter on your reel..You will have to keep track of " colors " Each color is ten yards or 30 feet..Lead Core line is cloth on the outside and lead in the center...Same amount of lead in 18 or 45 lb' test...The heavier test.. the less depth per foot because the outside cloth is thicker and more bouyant than lower test smaller diameter test ...
  18. Darn....I missed out. ..It used to be $59.00 but raised to 65 a few years ago..Still a bargain for me .. ..I probably launch at least 50 times a year between Cayuga and Fair Haven
  19. Dreamweavers.......................Period
  20. Yeah Zeke... I went up to Dean's yesterday ( 3 PM )...Gonna get the night bite and the lot was full of Bass trailer rigs from as far away as Minnesota... I fished 'till 8:30 and they were still coming in off the lake.....Good place to avoid next week end
  21. Yeah Zeke... I went up to Dean's yesterday ( 3 PM )...Gonna get the night bite and the lot was full of Bass trailer rigs from as far away as Minnesota... I fished 'till 8:30 and they were still coming in off the lake.....Good place to avoid next week end
  22. Because I fish the Fingers and Lake Ontario....Every spring I spool my reels with 1000 ft. of monofilament and use about 30 ft. of flourocarbon leader.....When the fleas show up....I cut off the leader and tie on 100 ft. of Cortland flea flicker.....Then tie 30 ft. of flourocarbon leader to it...( all Albright knots )...If you want the sensation of fishing with light line....use a 6 or 8 lb. flourocarbon leader....You will need the leader regardless because the flea flicker scares the fish away
  23. My nephew who lives north of Rome has fished and camped at 8th lake.....He said there are some quality lakers in the lake....There also is a state boat launch
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