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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Longlegg





Time on Water:6:30-12:30

Weather/Temp: overcast

Wind Speed/Direction:light

Waves: <1

Surface Temp: 42






Total Hits: 28

Total Boated:25

Species Breakdown:Browns

Hot Lure: RR Spoons

Trolling Speed: 1.8-2.5

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 5-25

Lure Depth:


SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS Had an outstanding morning with several doubles and fish hitting before we could set lines in releases. Had a limit by 8:10 and ended up with 7 of our 9 fish being over 7 lbs.



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You guys are putting a hurting on them. I am rolling into town tomorrow night to get the boat cleaned up ready and take her out on a shake down cruise most likely Friday. This picture has me looking forward to getting out on the lake ASAP. Were you just flat lining the spoons or running them off the riggers or boards and lead core? Congrats on your success.

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Thanks for the reply. I hope that I can get into them like you guys did. I also hope the weather cooperates also.

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