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Who says all the kings are at the west end?

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Finders Keepers




Date(s): 5/2

Time on Water: 6 - 1

Weather/Temp: Cloudy/Cool

Wind Speed/Direction: SW 10-15

Waves: 1-2

Surface Temp: 45

Location: Port bay





Total Hits: 3

Total Boated: 3

Species Breakdown: King, Laker, Brown

Hot Lure: Black/Green Glow NK

Trolling Speed: 2.2 - 3.2

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 6 - 15 fow

Lure Depth: 1 - 10 fow




Today my brother put our first king in the boat - a healthy, beautiful 15 lb king:


It took an NK28 black green glow spoon 75 back off the ball set at 6 ft down over 15 fow. Nice job bro!! 8):yes::yes:

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Here's one we did on Sunday from the east end as well...Right at 19 pounds...took a red Kaboom Shiner off the boards in 14 fow...Lots of fun on 10 lb. flouro leader! Finally got him stopped after the line counter read 440 ft!


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