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Probe Rigger Position

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I know I'm way behind the power curve this year, but just havn't had the time I wanted to put into getting everything ready for this season.

Anyway just got my boat wired up for electric down riggers, and I'm running the typical 3 rigger program. My question is where to put my probe rigger. Is it best straight off the back in the center position? My concern is if there will be any conflict with the outdrive, any damage that could occur from the probe being brought up throught the prop wash, or getting the cable wrapped up in the prop on a rough day. All rigger arms are 48" long. Or, is ok to run on a side rigger position?

Some thoughts on this would help. Thanks


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I would not advise the center nor any side position where their is any chance the cable could go in front of the lower unit.. Best if run off a rear corner & straight back. 45 deg at worst.

Tom B.


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Thanks for your input Tom. Shakedown last week provide information to prove just your point. The riggers are now 100%, and I will have an operational sub-troll this Satruday morning.

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