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Fishing Report

Chris / Liv n' Ellie:





Time on Water: 6-10 AM

Weather/Temp: overcast

Wind Speed/Direction:NE

Waves: 1 ft.

Surface Temp: 51-62






Total Hits: 13

Total Boated: 12

Species Breakdown: Lakers, kings, steelhead

Hot Lure: see below

Trolling Speed: 2.6-3.0

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: offshore

Lure Depth:




Great day on the water - constant action from start to finish - the name of the game was bright baits on the surface. It was a day of a few follies, but the fishing was great so that's all that mattered. Started out with my engine overheating when I hit plane - looks like it was debris on the outdrive b/c after I scrubbed it down the boat was fine. Then we lost my Subtroll probe and ball b/c of a kink in my cable at 80'. Nonetheless, we set up when we found some nice temp breaks offshore and that's when the action started. We fished without downspeed or temp, but right before the cable snapped we had 46 degree water down 80'. Steelhead started us off, lakers kept us happy, and the kings were sprinkled in to give a little variety. We had a crazy rip on the wire, but lost it after 5 minutes - seemed like a big fish.

Surface action was best for us, but we took a few kings deep on the 95' rigger.

Hot lures: NBK, Ruby Red, Steelie Dan, Ruby Red icicle (I think that's what it's called), orange slurpee, Seasick waddler

Best set-ups: 2 color and three color cores, surface planer with 5/8 ounce keel weight, free sliders on the riggers.

FWIW, ALL lakers (four or five total) were on surface action.

Good luck to all,

- Chris






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