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I dont know if anyone on here is on bountyfishing.com or not,but I could use youre help. One of the few species they dont have tournaments for is Salmon. If a few of you are members or want to be members on there please join and send a message if you would compete to, http://www.bountyfishing.com/thread/salmon-2 and as you know we have some of the best Captains and fishermen around and could slap the crap out of most other states, oh and make a few bucks doing it :D. I do believe you Captains can compete as long as youre out fishing for youreself. It is a worldwide site and placeing has huge bragging rights, also out of state anglers will know youre here and could bring you more business. If youre interested go to bountyfishing.com and become a member. Im on there, upstatebass. Let me know if you become a member :yes: I like to watch the success of our local guys/gals.

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