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conesus 9/4

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Had a great time fishing with Mike again on Conesus. Bite was a little tougher this trip as the front moved through and put the fish a bit deeper in the water column but we still managed to put some good fish in the boat. I lost a couple more that I would have loved to have seen. Fish came on mixed bag of lures - jerkbaits, crankbaits and gliders. Nothing on bucktails.

Below is a pic of my favorite lure that that at one point was all black....... I've lost count as to how many musky & pike have come off this lure. It use to even float at one point in time :lol: I guess I'll stop using it when it stops working....


Brad - are you fishing Larry Jones tournament next weekend or going to Conesus? I'm heading down to Chautauqua early on Thursday morning.

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Chad, mike asked me the same thing this AM... all I know right now is that I'm fishing somewhere at some point :) Originally I thought it would be conesus, but there's an increasing chance I will make it down for the tourney. If I do though, it will be Friday night before I get down there.

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