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Sorry no pics today..at the lake with limited internet access today. There was no upwelling as some had fearded due to the East wind, and the fishing (and catching) was great today. 100-280FOW down 100 saw a constant 42 degrees today. The Original Hammertime, Dalmatian/Hammer, JV Cheerleader, Maui Wowie, Black Death, and an R&R watermelon w/grape dots spoon all took multiple fish today. Wire divers on a .5 setting out 250', and a 500' copper rod did most of the damage. The 100' and 50' riggers also took multiple hits. Gotta run, be back out tomorrow morning.

Best of luck to you this weekend.

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Thanx for the report Bill. I don't know if the East wind affected us in this part of the Lake but it seems like there was some colder water off the Oak according to reports. I am going to try Sunday off Braddocks and see what happens. I tried last nite to cram a full core with backing onto a 47H with no luck. I may try using 6 or 7 colors with a 16 oz. dropper and see how that works b4 I buy another reel. I am trying to get by with the reels and rods that I used 20 years ago but I'll probably have to break down and buy a new rod and reel or two, just don't let my wife know. I keep reminding her to turn down the Air Conditioning. :D:D Good luck to everyone also.

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