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Gentlemen, I have read many of the past threads on this subject but I need clarification on this subject since I am in the market for a kicker for my 2006 - 21', Hydra-Sports, walkaround, 150 4stroke Yamaha... that I will be putting on the water this spring. I want to purchase Yamaha kicker for it.

I presently have a 18' Crestliner - Walkthru (presently for sale by the way) with a 90HP Yamaha 4 stroke and a 15hp Yamaha 4 stroke kicker with power trim and just love the motors. The 4 stroke is not a high thrust but I do have a 4 blade / high thrust prop on it. It pushes the Crestliner at 7 mph with 3 people (needed to do one time as emergency) in it which to me is not that fast. The main issue is in rougher / higher winds water I need to use my main motor to keep a consistant speed and hold the steering. Don't get me wrong ...it's fine for the Crestliner but my concern is what to use on the 21 footer.

okay, so I read all the post and it appears that the Yamaha 9.9T is the way to go but my question is does a kicker motor get better power and more consistant troll from a "high thrust" motor of a 9.9 on mounted on a 21' than I do/did on my 15hp "standard motor" that is mounted on my Crestliner or should I be juming up to a 15HP high thrust if there such a motor?

The bottom line is ...is it a different performance when one uses a "high thrust" kicker than a std motor?

Also , will a 8hp high thrust motor push and "control" the boat?

Thank you guys.


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Have posted on this before. I have used a regular Mariner 9.9 on a 23 Grady White Gulfstream for the past four years. It is the wide body 9 ft wide one. Have used this on Lake Erie and have never had to use the big motor to keep up. Has pushed it all over the lake in all kinds of water-have also had to use it to come in, in an emergency.

Keep in mind the Hydra Sports has a little more weight so it is not riding high and pushed by the wind. You could use your 15 four stroke of the Crestliner with no issues.

Years and years ago Trailer Boats did a test on outboards 6-9.9 mounted on brackets there was very little difference in terms of mph on top end speed. I have not been on a boat with a high thrust so I can't comment on it.

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I didn't read your whole post but i have 21ft bayliner trophy cuddy with a 9.9 yamaha hi thrust 4 stk.T Boat weighs in a little under 4 thousand and that 9.9 will push into the wind at 5 mph for what its worth!


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I believe the High Thrust motors have a lower gear ratio in the lower unit . So the motor will be running at a higher RPM then a standard motor at the same boat speed . The High Thrust motor won't have to work as hard as the standard engine would to push the boat. Plus with the motor running at a higher RPM the alternator will be putting out more juice.

I have a Yamaha 8T on a 3500 lbs boat and it tops out at 5.5 mph . I usually troll at 2-3 mph so no biggie and never have to use my main motor in heavy wind or waves .

Good Luck JT

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