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Cross Catfish

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Not sure if this is in the right place but...

I am interested in trying my hand at catching some catfish - my understanding is that they can be taken in the Mays Point area and was hoping that someone could give me some starting points for trying to get them.

Also any other ideas of good places to try - I am located in Rochester


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Genesee River is loaded with cats in May and June. Leeches drifted under a float along Seth Green Island will put a ton of good sized cats in the boat. You can get them from shore but it is a cool ride and easier to fish in the boat.

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gota wait till they come outa the mud....once spring has sprung anywhere! mays pt. below the damn is good for big cats, bottom fishing with cut bait and crawfish works great.....got some old baitfish that are starting to smell.....chum them into the current and setup a few bottom rods with dead shiners and or a big hardshell with his claws ripped off....all those catfish dip baits are a waste they leave u smeling llike **** and u dont get ne bites.....make ur own with oatmeal,strawberry jello mix and some crusshed whole grain bread mixes with some fish oil/mashed up old bait........mix in some sweet corn and u will have a hard time keeping cats and carp off ur hook....just gota master making a doughbait that will stay on a hook long enuff to get a bite and will break down in the current to bring em in....

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