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Dipsy Rigging

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Just picked up two #1 dipsys which I plan to fish this coming weekend but have a few questions on how to rig them:

#1 I've read to NOT use a swivel between the main line and dipsy. However, Is it ok to use a heavy snap end so that I can attach and remove much easier than retying different rigging combos.

#2 Does the dipsy serve a similar purpose of a flasher or dodger? Do you tie a snubber leader combo right off the dipsy to the lure? If you use flasers or dodgers how far back from the dipsy do you tie them. I presume anything longer than the lenghth of the rod from the dipsy will present a hastle in landing fish.

#3 From what I've been trying to learn, it seems like everyone is fishing dipsys directly off their rods. Is there too much pressure caused by dipsys to fish them off outriggers in order to improve a spread?

#4 It seems like most success is coming from copper line. I would expect copper would ruin the guides of a conventional downrigger rod but down here in PA few tackle retailers sell rods with roller guides and therefore, ended up buying 65# Power Pro. I found the dive charts are rated with 20# mono.....Could I expect the PP to perform better than mono but less than wire... (a compromise) ?

Any other helpful info is greatly appreciated.

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I'll take a shot at your questions.

1. The dipsey already has a swivel but I do use a snapswivel to connect to main line, just makes life easier.

2. The dipsey may give soem flash or attraction, depends on what you are running. But the main function is to dive. I have used a snubber attached to the dipsey, then the leader. For spoons I use a 6-8' leader, and if I am running a dodger/fly I shorten it to aroun 4'.

3. On Lake Erie we fish dipsey's on large planer boards, but we use the smaller sizes, the larger ones are fished directly off the rod.

4. I think you are confusing 2 fishing methods, the dipseys are fished off stainless "wire" . The reason for this is no stretch. I don't use a roller rod, but do use a twill tip. Copper line is used to sink the lure to the fish on its own. The pp is a compromise that will most likely work well for you.

Good luck!

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My best rig is this take what you want from that:

10.5 foot mooching OKUMA pole, CV 30D loaded with Power pro 50# with mono backing, fill the spool, the line counter is more accurate that way.

I use a swivel and have always used a heavy swivel to conned the dipsey to the main line, that way you can swap them out.

I am playing with the snubber theory, I run with one without. I have lost more with the snubber.

I use the longest lead I can get. I run the dipsey to the tip of the rod and tie my leader as long as my rodso the fly is at the but of the rod. That way it is not too long for you to get the fish up to net it. I use 40-50 LB line for my dipsey leaders for flashers. I played with leader lengths and

6 foot has been good for spoons and longer the better for flashers.

Flasher affect: YES, the dipsey provides a ton of turbulance and I have had kings hit the dipsey instead of the bait. I use clear, black and chrome green depending on the depths I fish. Chrome green has been good for 85 feet or above with a green flasher.

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