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Cayuga 4/5

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Launched at Myers at 7:30 trolled south on east side with stick baits until 11 totally skunked. Went in for lunch then decided to rough it out. Went West side trolled North with flys on flat lines. Then it was game on. Ended up 12 for 13. With 4 kept all land locks. The one knock off I did end up with an eel of it, realized that after dragging it around for20 minutes. All fish put one had them on them. There bad. 20 to 40 feet was best depth. Speed2.5 to3. Was tough getting solid speed,with the wind and waves. When the sun came out, game over. Which was ok was sick of fighting the wind and waves. Not a bad day haven't fish the lake but twice twenty some years ago as a kid.

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Nice job , !!! :yes:

Maybe I'll see you at camp some time after the 15th...........you will have to make your own mind up about posting info on here and just get LOOKER'S. I'm still not sure what I'll be doing this year about reports.........good luck !!!!!!!!! :clap:

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