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question on time of day


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Wondering if an afternoon to evening trip is worth it this time of year like April to May time frame?

I read decent reports all summer with evening trips being pretty good, it easier for me to launch in the afternoon and troll till dusk.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks

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Better chance to get big Kings in evening IMO. Those big kings that spend their day inactive in ice-water get hungry and move inshore and higher in the water.

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I have to agree with Capt. Vince, fish when you can. When asked the best time to go salmon fishing I will tell clients -- RIGHT now and if you can't go now than go tomorrow morning.

I have a friend that fishes evenings out of Bear Creek and he puts up some impressive one man numbers. He goes all season long never goes very far from shore. He had a great after work fish this past Friday.

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