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Where to find Cohos?

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Hi I'm just wondering a few things. 1. Is there a good population of Cohos near Henderson? 2. In the summer where should I look for them? Any help is appreciated guys.....also if your wondering why I am wondering how to catch them it's because I heard they are a tasty little fish. Thanks.

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Laker Taker, Yes Coho are top table fare, particularly Spring Coho. They are sought after by fleets of boats in Southern Lake Michigan. Here on Lake Ontario they are less predictable, but the majority of them are caught from Oswego west in the spring time. They have started to show up in catches regularly this past week, but they can be "here today, gone tomorrow."

They are very aggressive, if they are there guys will catch them. Lots of loud colors, but sometimes they prefer plugs and spoons on the small side. As the Spring progresses, Spin Doctor/Dodger combos with small flies produce Coho.

As a starting point, Coho are a sight feeder so weave in and out of the mudline. If you are willing to trailer, watch reports and go to where you hear about Coho catches.

I'm sure you can tangle with Summer Coho up in your home port, mixed in with migrating Kings. Good luck!

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