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Billy V Cayuga report May 6, 2012

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On Sunday our group left the dock at 6am and headed to the south end of the lake only to find that the lake still hadn't cleared from the 4" of rain that we received on Thursday night. We were able to dig a few Atlantics out of the chocolate milk water on the east shore but quickly decided to point the boat north to try and find some better colored water.  There was a very clear color and 10 degree temp break in the water at about Portland point and we worked it for a bit but there was a lot of debris in the water at the temp break that kept fouling our lines so we headed over into the green water on the west side and pointed it towards Taughannock.  We had a very steady pick of fish on that troll in everything from 30-275 FOW.  Stick baits off of planer boards did most of the damage - Thin Fins, Jr Thundersticks, and Rapalas in white, black/gold, and chartreuse all took fish.  We also took fish today from our Cannons down anywhere from 20-50' pulling Dreamweaver Superslims in Midnight Special, Gator, and Die Hard patterns. 

Once we got to Taughannock we were rewarded with a very nice flurry of Atlantics to wrap up our trip.  I wish we had started there! We ended the day with a decent box of fish (all Atlantics and one Laker) and lots of smiles all around. If you're coming to fish Cayuga I'd suggest skipping the south end for another day or two until the water clarity returns.



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good day on salmon! We fished the north end out of long point and played with the lakers. We had some good quality fish to start the day. There was some debris up there but not bad, hit some brown water on the west side between sheldrake and Deans, but besides that nice and clear up there. Good luck this season!


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Thanks guys - we've really been enjoying having the boat close to home. It's amazing how much work Ive been able to get done on it with it 5 miles from the house instead of 160! And the fishing hasn't been half bad either!

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