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Fishing Report

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Date(s): 5/12 and 5/13

Time on Water: 5/12 9:30-5:00 5/13 6:00-1:00

Weather/Temp: cloudy

Wind Speed/Direction:

Waves: flat to 2'

Surface Temp: 52

Location: Wilson





Total Hits: 5/12 - 5/6 5/13 - 14/19

Total Boated: 5/12 - 5, 5/13 - 14

Species Breakdown: Kings and Coho

Hot Lure: 42 second, NBK, Froggy and a custom spoon by Jim Piano

Trolling Speed: 1.8 - 2.4

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 60-300

Lure Depth: 40-110




Went out of Wilson with my wife Kathy, fishing buddy Charlie, his wife Wanda and son Les.

5/12. Made a decision to fish Wilson this weekend even though the tournament was going on. Waited till 7:00 to leave to avoid all of the tourney boats only to find out I had bent my prop guard and the kicker prop was hitting it. Went to the local hardware to buy the tools I needed to remove the guard (rookie mistake not having tools) and back on the water by 9:30. Put a Froogy down on the rigger at 60' and it went off within minutes but nobody home. That must have been the end of the morning bite because we fought all day to put 5 in the boat up to about 12 lbs. Stayed under 120' all day. All fish went back to fight another day.

5/13. Started at 6:00 and it wasn't long till the 45' rigger went off in 70 FOW and a 16lb king took the Carmel Dolphin F/F. The day is starting great! Continued to fish the skinny water and follow the parade of boats from 60' to 120' of water for a couple of hours. Kept remembering people at the dock saying 100' is too deep, get into 50-60'. Nobody moving a rod that we could see. Decided to slip out to 300' and the action took off. Every rod with a spoon on was taking fish so I replaced the F/Fs on two rods with spoons and everything went nuts. A few doubles and a quad where we went 3/4. Everyone fighting fish and me trying to net and unhook them and get them back into the water before the next fish came to the stern. Jim Piano also gave me one of his custom made lures and that thing was deadly on the 300 copper. This was Wanda and Les' first Lake O trip and we made it a memorable one. Fish weren't as big this weekend as last, but the Sunday bite put a smile on everyones face.




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