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Chenango County Brookies


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I had a day I will never forget yesterday! My two young boys, Liam and Gray spent Sunday afternoon crawing the creek that runs through my parents farm. They brought back two Brook trout for me to see. First brookies ever for both of them. They each caught more but saved two for Grandma to cook. They ate them 30 minutes after they caught them. LOL They had a blast! I had to stop for a moment and pay gratitude to be fortunate enough to live where I live and have access to some of the most beautiful land in this country. It is nice to see that little boys havent changed much. These boys spend many days battling 20 plus pound fish on Lady O and still had the time of their lives crawling the same creek and catching trout, in the exact same hole my father taught me to catch brookies in as a little boy. I am truly blessed. My cup runneth over!



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took my son to the chemung river sunday to bag some trophy carp on 4lb ultralights ,,,Yes Sir some of the best fishing can be in our own backyards,sorry no pics but we did 4 in the 15 lb range. Of course it dont take a genious (only a dad) to appreceate those small trips...Thank You...

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:D can't believe I am reading this post!! I was introducd to trout fishing by a cousin in the early 90's, Tioga county , Chenango, Broome!! I could not believe such a small beautifully colored trout could live in a 1 foot by 1foot creek. We caught them driftin worms ..just great memories and an obsession began!! :yes:

thanks for the post :clap:

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