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Cayuga 5/26

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Left Long Point around 7:00 am. Later than I hoped. Myself my 5 year old son, my 10 year old and my 77 year old Dad.

We headed North, found 120 FOW and headed toward the silos. We marked a-lot of bait and fish from 70' to the bottom.

We ended up 10 for 13 all Lakers, Grandpa was quick enough to bring in 2 and my boys split the rest a couple doubles,No Big boys. The largest fish was around 7lb the rest were 4-6lbers . We ran two riggers at 80 and 90. 2 Dipsy mags, one flasher fly out 280'and one with a spoon out 220' All the fish hit on the riggers on silver smelt stinger ad DW SS green alewife except 2 the hit the dipsy with the NK Blue Silver Chartruse. Packed it in around 11:00 am.

A couple years ago my 10 year old got hooked for life. Today my 5 year old finally got hooked, he has been fishing for with us for years but really got into it today. Man Kids make life a lot of fun. Any way great day on Cayuga.

Good Luck in the Derby Guys!

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sounds as though you really made it happen for them. Good going. We need more of that happening and dad's like you doing it.

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:lol:  guess I'd better use my glasses next time....I guess the responses are still appropriate though :)

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