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What's best snap weights or core for in-line planner use?

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I currently use snap weights of in-line boards and have then in weights from 1/2 oz. to 3 oz. My line is 15# big game. I put the weigh on the snap swivel at the end of the 15# big game and then attach a 5-6' leader on to the weight with lure at the end.

I always fish alone and am therefore limited to 3 lines. My normal setup is rigger with cheater off of the port stern, wire out port side and in-line planer out starboard side. I do not want to go to 2 wires.

I've read a lot on this forum about lead core.

Would the lead core work better than snap weights?

If so, how could I rig a core to work for different depths without having multiple rods and reels with different numbers of core on them?

Thanks for your help. I am still learning the big lake tactics but having a ball.

Trout Bum

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Wire dipsey does everything you want, in one set-up. Not gonna be too versatile with cores or coppers unless you bring a bunch of different lengths. Although you could use some different sized dive bombs to change depth. Snap weights are like wizzing in the wind unless you are fishing shallow waters.

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