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7/27 Wilson trip update

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Thunderstruck




Date(s): 7/27

Time on Water: 6am


Wind Speed/Direction:


Surface Temp: 74

Location: Wilson





Total Hits: 9

Total Boated: 8

Species Breakdown: 1 King, 8 steelhead

Hot Lure: black and white dream weaver spoon

Trolling Speed:

Down Speed: 2 * 2.5

Boat Depth: 150 - 200

Lure Depth: 60 - 90




Had a great day for the 2nd time out with a new boat! I ran two spoons on the down riggers and two coppers out the side. All the hits were on the down riggers - I must be doing something wrong with the copper? I tried any where from 150 to 300 feet back and everything in between. Also ran different color flashers and flies with no luck. I did catch one steelhead on a white fly but it was on the down rigger. The black and white spoon was hot! I need to get a couple more but can't find them anywhere.

Caught the first steelhead in 183ft 70ft down at about 730. It was a little over 10lbs - it was a great fight to watch as I couldn't keep him in the water. We were pretty excited beause at least we knew we would not get skunked. I think I should have been a little deeper for the kings but was happy to at least be getting a few fish. At 930 I dropped the black and white spoon down to 85ft...it wasn't there 2 minutes and the drag started screaming. I grabbed the rod and handed it to my dad - he couldn't make any ground for a little bit and started to tighten up the drag on the rod. My friend Mark and I yelled at him and he left it alone for the rest of the fight. 15 minutes later we boated a 27.5lb King!

All in it was a great day! I can't wait to get out next week and try to hammer them again!



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