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Bass fishing Erie and Customs

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Had a great day last week drifting crabs on Waverly shoal in Erie. We ran through 3 doz in two hrs. and had bass to 19" The most interesting part of the trip was dealing with Canada Customs. We actually called their reporting number and after a good 10 min wait got a hold of someone. Took another 5 min to go through the questions. In case you decide to fish in Canada, the process was not too painful and a lot better than having your boat confiscated or paying a $1000 fine! It also helps your peace of mind not having to worry. Here's the phone #: 1-888-226-7277

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Yep, thats the number I call. Pretty straight forward. Reference the number if there is an issue.

Nice work on the smallies. We did the same thing. Plain black jig and a whole crab.

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Here's an update on calling Canada customs. We fished yesterday again and called customs. The phone was answered on the 4th ring and since they had all our info. from the previous trip, we were finished in less than a minute. Even wasted time on a discussion of how the fishing was. And - bye the way - the bass fishing was great.

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