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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:18ft Polarkraft with 90hp and 9.8 kicker





Time on Water:6am to 10am

Weather/Temp:Low 70's

Wind Speed/Direction:10-15mph and gusting higher

Waves: 3-4 with some 5's mixed in

Surface Temp: 76






Total Hits: 2

Total Boated:1

Species Breakdown:Kings

Hot Lure: NBK echip with atomic fly - dipsey with a mountain dew spin doctor and fly

Trolling Speed: 2.2 -3.2

Down Speed: Unknown

Boat Depth: 135-150

Lure Depth: Rigger down 110 and dipsey 200 with 50lb braid



Hit the water at at 5:15 and lines in at 6am... 2 riggers... one down 110 and one down 90... 2 dipseys...one out 150 and the other at 200.... headed into the wind and waves and held on for 45 minutes then the dipsey fired and a 15 minute fight pursued with my oldest son who heads back to Clarkson on Monday. Netted the fish and was bumping the digital scale between 20 to 21.5 and was hoping it was 25 because we are all in the derby.

30 minutes later after swinging around and running with the waves the rigger fires and my brother picks it up and it seems like a small fish at first and then it takes off.... another 15-20 minute fight and a huge wave over the back of the boat we are finally ready to net the fish... up and down up and down and finally I try and get him in the net... a nice size wave lifts us up and down as I am netting the fish and I have half of him in and half out... well the hooks grab the net and the fish does the old slow roll out and swims away. I am sure the other boats heard me as I was pretty upset...

Fought the waves and wind for another hour or so and finally called it a day. The wind keep coming and the waves were getting bigger and I looked around and there were only a couple boats still out when there were 20 earlier. We will be back out in the morning and I hope Mother Nature is a little nicer to us. Still a great day on the water and we didn't get skunked. Official weight was 20 lbs 12 oz.



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