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Input on water level on Canandaguia launches

Iron Duke

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Have to fish Canandaguia Sunday for a tourney.... Was there last month and at Woodville end could barely launch the boat.... Would the north end launch be any better for launching a larger boat say 24 footer.... Thanks for any info u can give me...


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Blue Ghost dinged his prop in the Sucker Brook which is the inlet to the lake from the north end launch, even the channel to the lake til you get to the bouys reads 2.2-2.5 ft on my sonar, I have been trimming up on my way back to Sutters.

I would presume the south end is worse.

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I was at the Woodville launch last week (just looking at it) and it was VERY shallow and I would not chance in my 18 ft. Whaler despite being able to get my Merc outboard up very high and my boat only drafts 12 inches. I 've been launching at the north end OK with my boat but I know of at least two boats that have hit bottom near the south end of the launch and one out in the channel. The last time out there was some water in the channel that was only 1 1/2 to 2 ft deep. I put my 135 outboard prop right at the surface and although it isn't great steering wise I haven't touched but I think the problem with most outdrives is that the range is more restricted in bringing the prop up. You might contact Terry Principe at Pellican Point (if he is still open servicing motors and putting boats away) to see if you could launch out of there if it is "doable".


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