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end of season...more lures for sale

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Couple of bait lots for sale, most are brand new. thanks for looking!

Lot 1: Crankbaits $55.00 shipped

9" Big Game Balsa Twitch in Keyes Custom Midnight Shiner with fish tail brand new

9" ERC DD in Holo black sucker brand new

9" ERC DDD in Glitter Shiner brand new

8" Bucher Depthraider in Perch brand new

7.5" Grandma in perch, new some hook rash

6" Grandma in holo black/silver brand new

Lot 2: Rubber $50.00 shipped

UV Pounder, brand new

Shallow Mag Dawg brand new

Jeff Boggs Custom Shad bait in Perch brand new

Jeff Boggs Custom Shad Bait in Smallmouth Bass brand new

Lot 3: Rapala X-raps $30.00 shipped

4" Glidin Rap (not shown) brand new

6" X-walk brand new

(3) x raps brand new, larger size




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