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I am looking for maps of Eastern Lake Ontario. Areas such as Black River Bay, Guffins Bay, Three Mile Bay, Henderson Harbor Area and Possibly the St Lawrence river. I would like to find some with the depth markings on it but that search has gone by the wayside. I live in the Watertown area and I can' find anything local. I am looking for something I can get laminated and keep with me on the boat. i am also trying to find similar maps of inland lakes like Red Lake, Moon Lake, and Black Lake. I know that is a little off topic but I am really getting into fishing now and I need to step my game up. thanks for any input guys.

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L102- Go to this site:

http://ocsdata.ncd.noaa.gov/OnLineViewe ... rTable.htm

Click on the map you want. Zoom in/out on the area you want. Fill your computer screen with the area you want. Set your print preview to fill a page. (I used landscape) Print it, laminate it at the lamination store (staples, etc) & save yourself a bundle. Buy yourself a notebook while you're there as they'll fit into a notebook real nice.

Tom B.


p.s. if the link doean't work then just delete "table" and try again.

p.p.s. welcome to this site

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