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Fished in the NE'lys this am with a new to salmon fishing buddy and his cousin from Scotland. Lots of 3-4'ers rolling around so we stayed in tight. Worked bronte to past Mcisac's 70 -100'. Went 1/3 on bows. One nice one around 15lbs. All on spinny/flies ....wire dipseys 100-130 back. Water temps 49 down 70. Not a great day but if it wasn't a planned trip I definitley would have slept in. The amount of bait of Bronte right now is unreal.....fish are full. :)

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Yeah, I was out last night and marked huge amounts of bait. More than I've ever seen. A bait ball was showing up on my screen every 5 seconds for 2 hours - and I'm not exagerating.


I am almost starting to think with that much bait around the salmon will never be hungry. We will have some monsters at the end of the season!  My prediction for GOSD is 43 lbs this year.

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