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Oneida 6/30

Fish Hunter

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Came out of the launch, and ran upon a debris field from the flush of Oneida Creek into South Bay, due to the recent flooding, and I had expected that it would be the case.

Motored around the obstacles, and continued to run out to 109.

Sat down, and took a look. Yep, marks, so fired the kicker and off we go.

Not so easy today.

Beacoup' marks from 20-25 ft. to the bottom, and those buggers would not go.

The lake was like pea soup, so thinking they needed to hear/see it better, I switched some blades around and still haven't had a rod move, and now it's 6:30.

So I begin to move down the bouy line staying in the 38-40 fow. Nothing.

Now I've moved all the way to 113, so I decide to move out in deeper water, and changed back to the blades/spinners I had on originally, and about 15 minutes into that, bingo!

Now the marks started to co-operate!! Had 1 double, and ended up boating 9 keepers, by 10:15.

I was gettin' nervous that I would not have my limit, but 'ol Oneida has been really good to me this year.

Maybe because I've fished it since 1978....lol.


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Water had kind of tea-color in the bay 'till about where you'd go, into say Callahan's Marina, with the pea-soup algae bloom mixed in so thick, that the wake spray is greenish.

I did not go near the canal, but heard VHF conversation of quite a large log in the mouth.

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