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  1. Agree with Justin. Perhaps the state would have done well to send out flyers on how to launch your boat in 2 minutes......not 10, like most do. Frankly its not much of an issue for fisherman as we get out early and/or use different launches than the masses for the most part.
  2. Kevin https://www.weatherbell.com/video/the-daily-update-598
  3. Early or late June? Where are you planning on launching?
  4. Took a ride to Sackets on Sunday. The road work being done thru town is not complete and the curb is exposed to the point where you cant get to the launch. They also baracaded it off! Looks like Sackets Harbor doesn't want any early business this year. Quite a joke!
  5. Fished east side today, wind was brutal and we basically only fished for 2 hours battling the conditions. Trolling was out of the question. 3 walleyes, 1 21in, 1, 6in and snagged a 3inch fry lol. Caught fish on jigs. Would suggest trolling the bouy line from 109-113. Most fish seem to be 20-30 ft down ove 40 ft. Prepare to catch some Drum if you stick around 109.
  6. TD Basically an old Ice Fishing lure that Al Lindner recently popularized by fishing on open water. The lure is a fast sinking and therefore fast action by design. It jigs irratically and produces reaction strikes when other baits are not effective. Because of fast drop, the Primary usage would be on semi to inactive fish in a deeper water scenario. Say a 20-30 ft shoal or point drop off. Do a Youtube or google search for Lindner jigging and some info should pop up. Have fun.
  7. tugger


    C3m I would not fish fish creek or any of the shallows on the east end which would be traditional "good bets". Instead, focus efforts along the north shore flat. Check shallows first then check the break line into deeper water. I fished Fish Creek entrance into the canal, the canal out into to the lake and all shallow areas along the east side last Wed. and should have just trusted the graph which was preaching "dead water". It was a waste of time fishing there. However, we have had some rains and west winds and that may have drawn in bait to these areas, so you can't rule it out but I wouldn't spend much time on east end if you arent getting results or seeing much on the graph.
  8. JW What portion of the lake did you fish? I took the day off yseterday and fished all over the east end with my Dad and we got a big "0" on eyes which is just crazy for 8hrs fishing. We caught several SM and a Pickrel in the canal but not a single eye. Graph showed mostly dead water and thats with Side Imaging coverage as well as traditional sonar. We fished ftom 3ft deep to 30ft deep. Hopefully we will get some rain and west winds.
  9. Kevin Agreed! Slot limit on Oneida is a good idea at Oneida as well IMO.
  10. Kevin Several Smallmouth, few Pike (best 30 inch). Pickerel and Largemouth. No Walleyes though. Ran boards & sticks up the North Shore of Salubrious several times as well as a run down Johnson Shoal. Caught some nice fish and a great time with my Dad but didn't get what we came for. It can only get better LOL!
  11. tugger

    Walleye 8/15

    Chas Well, metabolisim is in high gear and its not a big suprize to hear that they were empty. It certainly benifited your catch I'm sure. Nice work.
  12. tugger

    Walleye 8/15

    chas What did they have in their bellies?
  13. I agree with Kevin, over 13 and I'd need to believe in my mind that the fish was on its last year of life, otherwise she would go back in the water. I have too much respect for these fish making it that far only to have me be the one to end it.
  14. Chinook I've caught walleyes going 2.5-3mph while reeling in boards (so the lure was probably going 4-5mph). I've also caught them on the outside board while going 3mph. After water temps hit 70 I rarely troll less than 2.5mph unless that speed seems to be more productive. Last week I caught a 28inch eye in Lake Ontario while trolling 3.5mph. There are other benifits to faster trolling speeds including covering more water. So what I'm getting at is that I dont believe you have to troll at any set speed except for the one that is producing fish at that day/time. I'm sold on the idea that you should experiment with different speeds each time you go out.
  15. Kevin If you have to bump up the idle on the main then I agree 100% that the Minn Kota would probably not be effective in this situation. The current must be about 2-3 mph. Sound like you have devised a way of fighting it effectively. Again, great fish!
  16. Kevin Very nice fish!!! I don't know if you have a Minn Kota or not but I thought I'd suggest a system that works for me as I solo fish a high %. I troll with the main motor much of the time and leave the Minn Kota in the water (turned sideways to slow the troll a couple tenths). When I hook a fish I put the main motor in neutral then turn the Minn Kota straight forward and hit Auto Pilot to carry enough speed to keep the lines straight and normally around 1.5mph. Its a pretty smooth and seamless operation once you get in the habit. I don't know how strong the current is where you are fishing or if you are in tight quarters but this system can be very effective for keeping things from going crazy when out solo.
  17. tugger

    Oh, Oneida.

    Fish Hunter Nice!, I know you also use riggers on Oneida. At what point do you choose to use them over Lead Core?
  18. WM Well, you certainly earned it! At my rate It will probably take me 10 years to learn the Golden Crescent walleye patterns but I'll figure it out (in part) at some point. The journey is the fun part! Again, great job!
  19. Walleyemagic Wow! Really nice. Is this a trolling bite or Jigging?
  20. I haven't done much trolling amongst the crowd but I think most guys know what is going on around them and make adjustments for others just as they would want for themselves . This particular situation of the OP appears to be the opposite however, where any any other boat on the water is thought of as not a situation going on "around them" but a situation happening "to them". Sure, it would be nice to have spots to yours only but that's simply not reality. These guys need to grow up IMO. If they are going to run extreme lengths out perhaps they should post a sign on their boat indicating the line out #. ???
  21. Agreed, however, the sinking the boat comments are beyond ridiculous.
  22. Pap For the trench I'd first suggest launching out of Stony Creek State Launch.Water levels are fine but its still about a mile of idle speed because depth is around 3-5 feet going out of the bay. A 2nd choice would be the State launch in Henderson. Henderson is a longer run but offers protection of the bay if a strong South or West wind comes up. If you are going out to the lanes then perhaps Mud Bay would be best.
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