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Mexico Bay Catfish Creek run.

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Tough week on the big lake for us but we managed a few big ones.  We caught a lot of small kings, one steelie and a small coho.

The fish kept busting up tackle on us!  We had 4 other big fish on and lost them pretty quick each time as they snapped 30# test flouro leaders.

We had trouble finding cold water and ended up having to run out 10 miles offshore to get some temps in the 40's!  Long haul in sketchy weather and wave conditions so we lost some time dealing with them.  When the waves settled down it was cake and we could get out and running gear in about 45 minutes!  Highlight of the trip:  A whopping big 32 pound male!!!

The Lolight of the trip was a massive 8 rod tangle when the a 300 ft copper fouled a stainless dipsy rod and the horror spread to the rest of the rods.  Too tight a turn!!!
90 minutes and about $150 bucks worth of gear lost or ruined in the turmoil and we were back fishing!!  This time, we ran a 6 rod spread which is easy to run.   Only lost one downrigger ball this trip!!  Of course it was a 15# Shark and there went another Benjamin!!

Costly but fun trip with 2 old navy buddies! Lots of good chit chot!!  ;D










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