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Fished off the Genny saturday. I knew things were looking ominous when the weather forecast was calling for east winds all week. Bad omen number two was my conversation with the proprietors at the Boat doctors in olcott. I stopped there on my way from Buffalo to get some cut bait prior to launching and was informed that the lake had flipped. Get out of Rochester into about 250 feet of water and see only two other boats even though the lake was like glass and it was a perfect day. Fished everywhere. Went out as far as twelve miles into about 550 feet. Marked very few fish. Had one steelie on the line and lost him after the second jump, That was about 8 miles out in 500 feet. Just one of those days.

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Fished in front of Braddocks Bay Sunday night from around 5PM till 8PM....Fished 90 to 130 FOW....Lots of marks hugging the bottom, probably lakers....An occasional hook around 60 down....Only caught one small King that was carrying a lamprey on him...The king hit a free sliding cheater on a line that was 90 down....the lure was a glow ladderback spook....saved us from a skunk....just couldn't trigger a bite.......Picker Pines

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