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Black river bay any salmon caught in the bay yet dose anybody no.

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At camp now went out this morning and headed towards stony. No bites but did see one fish caught. Anybody have suggestions on what the salmon are hitting on it would help me out great.

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I never fished the bay, (Black River Bay) to big of an area, I do fish the Black River though with a good amount of success, I usually set up in the first turn down from the Dexter launch about 2/3rds the way down just before the ripples end then anchor up and I usually use my down riggers and put out a J plug(flor.orange/firetiger) about 30ft line then lower the ball almost against the bottom, it's like only 8-10ft deep, but there is a deep hole they have to come out of and your plugs will be right in their face. The other rigger I swing out into the current and run a chrome dodger with a fly or anything that whips around a lot, or I also used little Cleo's with some degree of success, later in the year you might hook up with a steel head or a brown, I also have hooked up with a Coho and a occasional walleye on the Cleo's. hope this helps as I caught quite a few this way, and is easy fishing. We also caught them just trolling with the brightest, ugliest lure you have in the box, they are striking out of aggression this time of the year. 

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