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Anybody getting any smallies near Rochester or west?

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Just trying to get a feel if the smallmouth are bouncing back any? Anybody getting any at all in the lake near Wautoma, Sandy or Braddocks?

Any signs of hope or is the collapse total? I have tried a few times without much luck this year. I used to pound them but its like fishing in a bath tub now. Im not buying into the gobie theory as St lawrence, Erie, St Clair all have them and the fishing is great there. Unless there are small ones present, the future looks bleak in this area of the lake.

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Have not heard of anything west but I did get two good reports Thursday from the Pultneyville area and the Port Bay area. Both reports were the same 35' depth.  If you really want to get into them, take a ride to the small boat harbor in Buffalo and head towards the Canada line or better yet, if you have an Ontario license, cross over to Waverly shoal. We had another great day there yesterday with 4-5 lb smallies in 18-30' of water.

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