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Why two different knots ?

The Albright knot is very good at joining different types or sizes of line together. The Willis knot is pretty much limited to joining lines to leadcore that can be inserted inside the leadcore sheath.

Can the Albright replace the Willis on leadcore? Yeah, but it's a bulkier knot.

Can the Willis replace the Albright, on lines besides leadcore? No.

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Does anyone use small section of mono between backing and lead core? I use either 30 or 40# in between to attach in line boards. I use Albright on one end and Willis on the other.

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I have done that for a long time now. The mono goes into the clip when I use the boards. the braid on leadcore gets damaged by the clips and the backing braid slips out much to easy,so that bit of mono does a great job.

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Willis is easy with either Cortland braid or new Suffix -either in 18 or 27#. Some LC wont feed the floro at all.

I cut and joint 2 section of braid with Floro about 2 ft between sections to add or remove quantity of lead sections between last section of 2. Also then the board can be on floro. 

Willis with 2 knots 2-3 inches apart.

Floro to floro with uni knot.


all in your needs and preferences.

good thread.


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