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Line weight

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When fishing in the river, 10lb line is even too heavy. I run either a 10'6 rod or a 14' with an 8lb main line and 5lb Fluor leader. If fish are spooky ill drop to 4 or even 3 if I have to. The purpose of a longer rod is to absorb the shock in your line, which allows you run lighter line. Investing in the right gear will definitely help you achieve more hookups. If you tried to run light line on a shorter rod you will be breaking off all day.

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Being the catch and release kinda guy I am, I like to use 50lb braid for Salmon when pier fishing. I hunker down on that fish and haul him in pretty easily also making for a more successful release. You fight a Big ole Salmon on 10-15 lb test, that fish is as good as dead by the time you get it in. Your going to do a battle with a run-away 30lb salmon on 10-15lb test....you may land him no problem. A Half hour later and fully exhausted may as well put him in the cooler. With 50lb braid I have most salmon landed in 5-7 mins max. Released and fully revived.

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