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I-Bay 10/11

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Worked the bay for a couple of hours today.  Unbelievable weather and good fishing. :yes:  :yes:  Stopped at the buoys on the way out and dropped a line.  Picked up a couple quickly but they were small so we moved on.  Ran down to Glen Haven hump and they were waiting for us in 25 FOW.  Steady pick of whites and yellows with a few silvers mixed in.  Picked up a catfish for the second time in a row.  Couple yellows were 12+".  Bite slowed at noon so worked north on the east shore.  Picked up a few more but best stop was between the first and second bridge piers.  Saw plenty of bent poles so I don't think we were the only ones on them.


Surprising how many whites I've reeled in.  Definitely the most I've ever caught in the bay.  Makes me wonder what they're doing to the yellows.  Any thoughts?



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Luke 510



              We were out there also , thought I saw a boat like yours but you never got close enough to see you.  We kept 30-40 , our best bite was on the east side off the chanel makers.Cought a bunch of dinks but enought 10=11 inchers to keep us there. :) .

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