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Chautauqua water temp/turnover

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Does anyone have a water temp from Chautauqua over the weekend?  From my experience, turnover usually happens at Chq around mid to end of October.  I haven't been up to the lake in a few weeks, but I'm guessing with the cooler temps and all the wind over the weekend, the lake may have turned.

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In case anybody else is interested...


Water temps at Long Point were about 52 over the weekend.  Temps south were around 49.  Barely any floating weeds.  I was able to run my big boards all weekend and lines stayed very clean.  Just a few leaves to contend with.  Water clarity still not very good, but I would expect that to improve more soon.  It felt good to have the float suit back on and fish some nasty fall weather...can't wait to get back next weekend.

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