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PA Baitfish Fund Crankbaits Trolling Lures

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Up for auction are these 4 musky crankbaits. These lures were donated to the Three Rivers Chapter of Muskies Inc. and will be auctioned off to help PA feed the 2014 class of musky fry. The Ernie Black bars silver glitter has been used and shows some mild hookrash. The other Ernie is in mint condition. Both of the Bagleys are perfect. The Bagleys are older and have lead in the lip. The barbs have been pinched down on all 4 of these baits. This is a real nice collection of crankbaits. The Three Rivers Chapter of Muskies Inc. will be holding these auctions throughout the winter. We have lots of quality lures to auction. Keep checking "PA Baitfish Fund" to see which package is next. Thanks and Good Luck Bidding!





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