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Cannon Rigger Locks


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I am thinking of getting some of these for my cannon mag 10 stx's.  Anyone using the newer style locks?  I am paranoid about my riggers getting stolen so I have always pulled the riggers and taken them home with me after a day of fishing.  But that is a real PITA and can't be good for the plugs they rip out hard.


Just wondering if they are worth getting at $30 a pop and if they really deter theft.


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Mine are track mounted on Cannon pedestals! The way I look at it is, What good is a $30 lock if they've got a 50 cent Allen wrench to remove the hold down bolts on the pedestal?? Locks just keep the honest people out, for a while!!!

The plugs are the weak and expensive link!! I've got the flush mounts and have broken 2 plugs by bumping them. I may have mounted them too low but once they crack, you're screwed. It's not easy to get them straightened out enough to work again. I've ended up cranking my STXs up from 120 feet with the emergency handle!! That sucks!!

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I have the lock for the one STX I have. How mine is mounted (fixed position chute) there is no visible hardware to unbolt. Can someone break or cut the rigger to get it off, sure they could. All my riggers are locked but with anything on a boat it is just a deterent.

Charter Lakes told me if someone can step on the boat and unhook whatever and leave, they won't cover it in the insurance. If they have to tamper with it or break it, it would be covered.

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