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Nick R's RIGGED week at Wilson

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A little late and this is going to be a very boring story but why not.

Took a week of vacation to fish the WHI and pre tourney events so we headed out Friday to see what the west end was all about. After looking at Erie all winter I was a little bummed to know that ice water was flowing out of the Niagara.

We stared off the weekend in the skinny water in front of port where water was a chilling 42* and did very well on coho and browns. After Beating on them each morning we went searching on the inside and outside of the Erie water which was 34.1* holy friggin ****. Did a bunch of lakers out deep thru the weekend.

During the week the west winds kicked up and pushed the ice water around. We were constantly finding low 40's through the column from the bar to the powerplant. Couldn't find a damn salmon to save my life. To think- I left Rochester to fish this water lol.

Thursday we had a huge break in the morning where my screen lit up- hooks and bait everywhere (3miles east of wilson). I started to get optimistic an tried to stay on them but could only manage two passes as the only guy on board that day had to be in at 11.we managed a small king before I had to call it.

Pre fishing Friday was a bust on kings as we kept searching without burning too much gas but we did manage a few nice coho at the plant and out deep.

Our plan for Sat was to skip out on kings but rather try to put 6 coho in the box. We started just west of the power plant and managed a few nice browns before we moved into the deep water. We picked up a 21" coho I. 150 fow and worked that for most of the day as that's where we found the bigger ones on Friday. After a few hours of sitting on our thumbs we moved to our "king" waypoints to hopefully pick up a couple of fish but it never panned out. We ended up skipping weigh in as we knew 1 coho wouldn't do much.

Very tough week out that way but it was great to fish every day for 9 days!

Oh well! Better luck next year and congrats to the winners!

See you all at the oak orchard open!!


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