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The Oswego amateur part of the Pro-Am has changed its format in a few ways. Most important in the changes are the low entrance fee and the fact that amateurs  no longer need an observer.

The  financial hardship and the observer logistic  have been removed. This means that the tremendous potential of the Oswego Pro-Am has been unlocked and is once again available to many more weekend warrior fishermen.

The amateurs have the potential to blow the Pros out of the water both in number of participants and price money.

There is one problem. The rules changes are not widely known. That is where we, the weekend warriors come in. Talk about it,call your friends, leave notices at the marinas that you use.Call your local news paper and advertize in your rod and gun club!

Let's all promote the new Oswego pro-am amateur tournament by word of mouth. Together,we have the strength to make this a 100 boat plus tournament. Make sure your boating friends know about this big boating event and let's make it bigger!

I hope to see you all as a huge crowd overflowing the tent at the weigh-in.


For more information read this thread:  "oswego-proam"   which was posted a few days ago in tournament talk.


Below is an entree form that was posted by Tom from A-Tom-Mik

  • Location
    Oswego, NY



Here is a form to download and print



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This was are first time we had a great time we even won some money in the pre fish Friday .team thinkin big.

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And while we are at it, the same goes for the Pro side.  The masses said no communication and traditional Pro Am rules with regards to observers and box composition.  There is no reason the East end shouldn't come alive once again.  Between both marinas in O-Town and the neighboring ports in Mexico Bay, there may be more charter boats per square mile then in any other area of the lake.  Come on guys, let's see both Amateurs and Pros represented heartily in the years to come!!!


Great thread rolmops,



Team Thrillseeker

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Thanks to all above for the positive feedback and spreading the word!! The 2015 Oswego Pro Am will be July 11th & 12th with Fat Nancy's Big fish friday on July 11th. Our core group of myself, Tom Burke, Tom Allen & Rob Ripka are committed to at least next year to run the event. And will try from now till then to make it bigger & better.  We welcome all suggestions and help we can get. Stuff like this above is awesome. And we will do more to advertise the event also. My contact is Tom Burke, [email protected]  and  315-391-8079


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