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Port of Rochester Docking


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As some of you know, I made a suggestion to the city to install floating docks along the sea wall at the ferry terminal so rec. boaters would have a secure, safe place to tie up and use the resources at the terminal. I received a response today. I've posted it below.

Jim S.

Mr. Stephany;

Jean Howard asked that I respond to your email which suggested the

installation of a floating dock system adjacent to the terminal at the

Port of Rochester. The City is aware of the demand for such facilities

and responded by installing112 boat slips (a floating dock system) along

River Street from Latta Road to Petten Street and a boater facility

building which houses public rest rooms. These docking facilities are

being managed for the City by Gibbs Marine and are available by the

hour, by the day and for overnight use. For additional information,

please contact Gibbs Marine at 227-1579.

Understanding that the same demand should be accommodated in closer

proximity to Ontario Beach Park and the commercial establishments on

Lake Avenue, the City prepared a Master Plan for the port area which

includes a public marina to provide for both short term and overnight

docking immediately adjacent to the Park, north of the terminal. The

Master Plan will be submitted to Rochester City Council for adoption,

pending environmental review which is a public process that will likely

be concluded later in the year. The schedule for construction of the

new marina is unknown at this time.

In the interim, I have asked my staff to investigate the feasibility of

your suggestion. The floating dock systems are ideal for this use

because as you said they are easy to move and can be utilized on a

temporary basis. As you probably are aware, however, the City's use of

the terminal facilities is tied up in a lease with the former operators

of the fast ferry, and while the ferry is no longer in port, the

location you propose to use is within the current boundaries of a U.S.

Custom and Border Patrol facility and public access may be restricted.

Thank you for your email, I appreciate hearing from you and sincerely

welcome any suggestions you might have that would contribute to

promoting the Port.

Paul M. Holahan


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You might have a problem with floating docks in that area of the river. With a North wind that first section of the river gets rockin and rollin. I would think they would need to cut a section into the parking lot ,similar to how it is on the East side of the river by the swinging bridge. They really need to do something, becasue our port compared to every other major port on the lake sux! Those floating docks down the river are usless becasue whats down there for a boater? All the action is up near the beach.

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