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Nick R's RIGGED at SCS

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After being at the oak most of the summer we finally made out home at sandy on Friday. Took out my parents and Dave B for some LOC/ big fish Friday pre fishing. The past few weeks at the oak the king bite was deeper so I made the decision to stay in close first thing and put some browns on the deck before we went searching. It wasn't long before the orange crush started taking numerous shots from hungry browns. We worked the east waters til about 830 when we turned back and pointed NW towards the nose to see what kind of king action was around. As soon as we started that troll we hooked up with a 12.5lb brown off that orange crush that had been hot all day. We thought we had a loc fish to weigh in so we were pretty pumped. Not two seconds after we got the hook out of brown number 1's mouth the port rigger fires and starts screaming on another orange crush- 12.5 lb brown on the end of that one too! We then worked out to 130 before we took our first king that was around 13lbs. Worked from 130-180 all day as the screen and kings were active and hungry.

At about noon I broke out the Jamaican shoe horn as an inside joke and slammed it down 65 on our probe rigger. Not 10 min later did it fire. I tightened up on the fish and as soon as I did it took us out 450'. We knew we had a major and were excited as the reports we heard all day weren't too good. We ended up putting a 21.95lb king good enough for 3rd place in BFF. We had a little more time to play before weigh in so we dialed in our laker program for a backup plan for sat.

We ended up 15-15 on the day with what would have been a 3rd place box had it come a day later.

Saturday we started off towards cow sucker as that is where we took some good kings the day before. We worked the inside 70-100' of water for the first two hours and only had an 11# laker to show for it. We kept heading east past lighthouse point working 100-200' with no takers (besides 14 inchers)

At around 930 the warm water rolled in and we had to re-think our game plan. We had thought that a 4 king box was was going to be the difference so we headed deep to more stable water. Unfortunately the only fish that wanted to cooperate were the steelhead. We ended up not weighing in as a small box of steel and one laker wasn't going to do it.

Hindsight was 20/20 we should have hammered the lakers while we had the chance but the temptation of finding kings was the ONLY thing on our minds .

It sucks it feels like the season is only starting and it's already august. Oh well we have two Derbys and one more king of the oak before we start looking for the mud sharks! Hope we can turn our luck around and QUICK!

Congrats to the winners! Matt- great job finding the kings and taking Jay off the 1st place spot after 4 years!

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