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Breast Cancer Salmon Tourny for Donna

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Hello everyone,

So last week on july 22nd, i got a call that my mom was rushed to the hospital for having a headache and nausea. a few hours after being in the hospital the doctors discovered she had a brain tumor. Shortly after the surgery we found out it was directly related to her having stage 4 breast cancer. This has been quite the shock for my family and friends. I was registered to fish the Sandy Creek Shootout along with big fish friday and finish up the LOC. My mom insisted i still fish the SCS on saturday because she knew how much fishing means to me. I've seen how much the community of Outdoorsman can pull together and help each other out and thought the LOU might be a good place to start. 


I wanted to know if anyone would be interested in having a small one day Tournyto benefit her. After getting this news i want to try and devote as much of my time and efforts to not only helping my mother but helping out breast cancer awareness. Right now i'm looking for ideas on having a derby and any help would be appreciated. 






-entry fee ($100 per boat?) 



As of right now a portion of the derbys entry fee would go to helping my mother with the medical bills for her treatments. And the other portion would be a pay out to the top box for the day. 


I was thinking October for the derby but one of my good friends did remind me of deer season, So maybe the end of September? 


Live Action and Rigged have both already signed up for this derby, Nick and Richie are good friends of mine and want to help out. 


Any input or help would be greatly appreciated. 


-Tim and Donna.



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I'm in for sure nothing better then helping someone in need and we get to fish doing it:)

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Tim, pick a date and I'm sure you could do the weigh in at sleepy hollow, sandy creek marina, east fork, or Hamlin beach. I'd try for middle sept and hit all of the tackle shops/ small businesses around the area for gift certificates. I know the verizon store in brockport loves giving big ticket items Away. You can do 50/50

Raffles to come up with some extra dough but I'm sure you can get an easy 15-20 boats out that day to play. Everyone loves a chance to win some money and more importantly help out our fellow fisherman. I'd do a 75/25 split on the payouts and I'm sure you can make the difference up with raffles and prizes.

Get to work and let me know if you need anything bro!

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Last weekend in August Mabey? Team Scottsman would be in. September gets a little tricky with water levels. Just a thought.

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