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  1. Hey guys, Our good friend and Top mechanic Tom Barbera from East Fork Pro marine on Sandy Creek needs our help,prayers and support. Please copy and paste the link to your browser to check out a gofund me page to help Tommy. gofundme.com/24yvb7g https://www.gofundme.com/24yvb7g
  2. I am interested in one of the probes. Shoot me a price
  3. Looking for a simple Autopilot for a 24 foot penn-yan I/O. A simple behind the wheel unit such as a sport pilot or similar. New or used. Having a hard time finding one. If anyone has one they want to sell or point me in a good direction I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  4. pics? Engine? Engine's? hours? you know, the small stuff.
  5. feels like ground hog day.....................
  6. OUR.....Lead core set ups. (doesn't mean you have to do it our way) We fish these off big boards when we need to reach a particuliar depth, away from the boat and or obtain a stealthy presentation. 10 color set up- 18 or 27 lb 1- Okuma 45 LC 2- one layer of electrical tape on spool 3-300 yards of 30 lb or more braid backing tied with arbor knot to spool 4-tie backing to lead core. ( we use the V.Q knot) 5 spool on 10 colors of lead core. (your choice of brand) 6-tie on 20-30 feet of fluorocarbon leader ( V.Q knot) (leader brand of your choice) 5 color set up for SWR-tuff line micro lead used (this set up can also be used off the boards in spring when fish are high up) ( this set up is used on our riggers during a mid summer day when conditions warrant going deep) 1-Okuma convector 30D 2-tie 2 or 300 yards of 18-20 lb mono to spool ( arbor knot)(mono of your choice) 3-tie on 5 colors of lead core (V.Q knot) (your choice of lead) 4- tie on 20 feet of Fluorocarbon leader (V.Q. Knot) We fish our lead off of a tow line with large boards. Attach the backing to the release. If using inline boards, attach the backing to the release, twist and rubber band it. (Tx44) Also down the shoot on an occasion. Its fun watching that one get smacked.
  7. WTF..........I'm dizzy after reading that. Peeps, just read below..........
  8. 1- Use BIG side planner boards. One on each side of your boat. ( I make my own that will pull two 400 coppers and a 10 color on one side.) *throw away the TX-44's* 2- Never ever use swivels to attach backing to copper or copper to leader. Tie with the albright knot. (look it up on line) TIP- After tying the knot apply a drop of rubber cement or epoxy 3- There is no need to splice mono anywhere in the set up. On the reel should only be backing,copper and leader. 4- The scotty pinch pad realeses in big and small will work ( water conditions will determine the size to use) *If your interested in a BIG set of boards PM me* 5- Have fun! Copper is a great tool for Big Kings. Spring,Summer and fall.
  9. Get the chamberlains. Iv been using them as stackers on my riggers for several years. The are a two part adjustable release. They will pull whatever you put behind it. Just adjust accordingly. If you need to pull one? Just as easy as a blacks or any other. No different. well worth the investment if you ask me.
  10. Forget it Brian................We already talked......lol
  11. I'm gonna kick in a few more cents here cause I'm in that kinda mood. Mad perry, rules of the road..... Blah... Blah....blah..... Here are the "rules" of fishing... 1-you see a boat getting to close to you? You f'n turn. Your in the path or getting to close to a boat? You f'n turn. And give enough time so you don't run over flat lines. Or boards. 2- a boat is getting to close to you? Or in your way? Guess what, they are most likely fighting a fish. Guess what, you f'n turn. 3- when your fighting a fish or two and see on coming boat or boats?? Pick up the radio and let them know who you are, and what is going on. Guess what that boat or boats will f'n turn. You know why. All of this is called "common fishing courtesy" "Learn it" then come back and ****. Charter boat, charter Captain, Mate, Deckhand, weekender doesn't matter. Like Matt's list of "rules" we ALL follow by that. We are all a great group of people who fish Lake Ontario and help each other out wether it's advise,tips, tricks or just getting out of the way. Be the better guy. You mite make some friends.
  12. Sailboats..........you know what I'm talking about. enough said. Lol
  13. There are plenty of other factors to consider when fishing other than "The right spoon" Things like set back from the ball, depth, line type, are you running Fluorocarbon leader, swivel size, speed. These can make a big difference sometimes. Someday's its all spoons off of copper and lead that do it or a spoon from a diver and the riggers never get touched. Try changing some of this up and see if it helps.
  14. Depends on water clarity, calmness, cloudy day, sunny day, fish interest and currents.(down) You need to experiment and keep a mental note on condition's or a log book. On choppy days with cloudy water I rarely run my spoons longer then 20 feet from the ball regardless of depth. Don't be afraid to change this up when "The bite shuts off" sometimes longer or shorter leads make the difference.
  15. 1- The Perfection loop 2-Dreamweaver ball bearing snap #3 (personal choice on using the spoons split ring. some use it and some don't. Sometimes it helps with spoon action and sometimes it doesn't) Experiment. 3- Tie the braid to the spool and secure it with electrical tape and spool tightly.
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